Glucosamine + MSM 1800mg

Glucosamine Is a popular supplement to help manage symptoms of osteoporosis

The Aussia Advantage

We combine 2 useful ingredients:

  1. 1500mg of Glucosamine – A common staple ingredient for joint care products
  2. 300mg of MSM – A source of dietary sulfur, which is critical in maintaining healthy connective tissue.

These ingredients all claim to have anti-inflammatory properties. By taking this product, you are receiving 2 sources of ingredients to help protect your joints against symptoms of arthritis.

Scientific studies have reported that patients felt better when taking Glucosamine with MSM, rather than just Glucosamine or MSM on it’s own.

Aussia Glucosamine with MSM is free from potassium so it is suitable for users with kidney problems.

For healthy joints, take 1 tablet daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.