Frequently Asked Questions

Our most asked questions

Where are Aussia products made?

Aussia products are 100% made in Australia, and always will be.

Why should I choose Aussia?

Aussia is dedicated to provide you with the best of nature.

  • Our product ingredients are derived from natural sources.
  • Our company promotes all aspects of health including diet and exercise.
  • Our formulas are TGA listed.

Who can use Aussia products?

Aussia products are made for anyone with a goals to be the best they can be.By using Aussia, you are taking a responsibility on yourself to reach your goals in life.

Our product range serves different purposes, make sure to choose your product appropriately depending on your goals, or as advised by your healthcare professional.

Who is Aussia endorsed by?

Aussia is endorsed by the thousands of satisfied customers who have repeatedly chose to use our products.

What should I take with Aussia products?

For best results, Aussia products should be taken with plenty of water, as well as healthy and balanced diet.