Bio Liquid Calcium + D3

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Calcium is an essential nutrient that supports:

  • Bone and Muscle health and development
  • Heart function
  • Nervous system health It can be difficult maintaining a calcium rich diet, so you might not be reaching your ideal daily calcium intake.

At a young age, calcium is required for bone development and growth. At an older age, Calcium is required for bone maintenance, along with many other uses.

Without sufficient calcium, problems may occur most notably ‘osteoporosis’, where your bones become brittle and fragile. With osteoporosis, you may experience:

  • Back pain
  • Easily fractured bones

The Aussia Advantage

Aussia Bio Liquid Calcium + D3 is designed to help prevent osteoporosis by providing a high dosage of calcium. This product contains: 900mg of calcium carbonate as well as 5mcg of Vitamin D3 to help with the absorption of Calcium.

To maintain your bone health, take 1 – 3 capsule with meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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